Useful links


During October 2013 all children in the school were given an EducationCity pass which was kindly funded by the PTFA.

Please use the link below and your child’s log in card to access this superb home learning platform (Log in in the top right hand corner)

click here for EducationCity! Make sure you have your log in card, kindly donated by the PTA!


A superb Maths resource used by the children in the school

click here for SumDog maths fun!

BBC Schools Games

An excellent set of learning games for children from aged 4 to 16

click here for BBC revision and learning fun!

Catholic Board of Education

Find out more about the Catholic Board of Education’s events and news!

click here for the Catholic Board of Education‘s website.

Local Days Out / Museums

Horniman Museum – Local and Free!

Royal Museums Greenwhich

National Science Museum

Natural History Museum

National Portrait Gallery

Museum of Childhood

More Museums in London