How to use Home School

During the COVID19 closure we suggest the following timetable

9.00am Joe Wicks YouTube workout (Monday to Friday) click here

9.30am Vocalective Children’s Singing (Monday & Wednesday only) click here

One hours work before lunch linked to the work packs sent out or work set on class pages

12.00 Lunch

One hours work in the afternoon linked to the work packs sent out or work set on class pages

30 minutes reading on Scholastic website or preferably actual books

Please also remember our fun learning platform Education City

Mr Chown’s YouTube Teaching Channel

Please click here to view all uploaded videos during the school closure.

Please add comments with your suggestions for what he can cover next!


ICT Safety at Home

Please ensure you are always in the room when your child is on line.

Some of the links above such as YouTube have other content which we cannot control and your home internet does not have the safe content protected filters we have at the school.

  • Government Advice about keeping your child safe online – here