Reading at St. Saviour’s

At St Saviour’s we want the children to share our love of reading. Children are helped to develop a love of reading and, in turn, to become skilful and imaginative writers. Reading is taught through interactive activities and guided groups as well as on an individual basis. Children are taught a wide range of strategies to decode and make sense of texts, including phonics. We depend on parents to support children with daily home reading.


We are successful in teaching children phonics to help them learn to read and spell.

We use the ALS scheme, supported by other fun resources such as interactive whiteboard games and Early Words teaching.

Guided Reading

By the end of reception we introduce them to a reading book at their reading level, supplemented with “reading for pleasure” books, for reading at home and in school. The aim is that all children are heard read daily. This helps to systematically consolidate learning and to develop a wider reading vocabulary.

We follow the Reading Recovery Banded Scheme in KS1 and use chapter books in KS2.

All children have at least one weekly small, group, “guided” reading sessions in school with an emphasis on comprehension i.e. understanding what they read. In addition, each classroom has its own reading library with a wide range of high quality books suitable for that age and ability group.

We encourage parents and carers to help their child’s reading development by listening to them regularly at home and writing comments in their Reading Record Book. Parental support and partnership with school is very valuable and important to the progress of their children.