School Ethos and Vision

The Governors and staff are strongly committed to building and strengthening the Catholic ethos of the school.

The St Saviour’s mission statement is ‘Pray Together, Learn Together, Stronger Together in Jesus’  To live out this mission, we are guided and led by our Catholic ethos that places the Catholic principles of Human Dignity and the Common Good at the heart of our school. 

We recognise that each of us is unique and loved by God and we are called to lead by example, as Christ did, to show respect and love to every person because each of us is made in the image of God.

The school strives to build on the foundations of faith started from the home and seeks to provide an environment where beliefs and values of the Catholic faith are taught, explained, developed and nurtured.  Our School is a place where each child believes in their own potential, in an environment where they can succeed and achieve. 

We have a broad and balanced curriculum starting in our early years setting and progressing through KS1 to KS2. We believe that immersing children in a topic gives meaning to all aspects of learning and fosters cross-curricular links.

Our values ensure that our children are ready to learn, responsible for their action, resourceful, resilient and reflective. We also encourage our children, when having a go at something new, to be risk takers.

Are you Ready?Are you Responsible?
Concentration – I am not distracted by others
Independence – I don’t rely on others all the time and I try to work by myself.
Curiosity – I ask a lot of questions to learn more about things.
Enthusiastic – I’m ready and I want to learn all I can today.
Self Esteem – I feel good about myself and know I’m a winner!
Feeling Safe & Secure – I feel relaxed and comfortable, I’m ready to learn!
Listening & Communicating – I listen whilst others are speaking and share my own ideas with others  
Self-Control – I stop myself from doing things that are wrong.
Respect – I listen to people and consider different points of view.
Integrity – I’m honest and I tell the truth. I try to do the right thing.
Peace – I am calm even when things go wrong. I use my Catholic faith to bring peace to others and myself.
Friendship – I am trust worthy, I share and I care for others.
Kindness – I am generous, thoughtful and friendly.  
Are you Resourceful?Are you Resilient?
Inspiration – I use an event or a person to learn from.
Questioning – I ask questions when I’m unsure about something and to give me a deeper understanding.
Co-operation – I work well with other people, not just my friends.
Team Work – I allow others to join in and mix with lots of people.  
Perseverance – I don’t give up when things go wrong or they are too hard.
Resilient – I bounce back from difficult situations.
Confidence – I believe in myself and my abilities.
Optimistic – I think positively about life.
Belief – I use my faith to let me know I can achieve whatever I want.
Improver – when I’ve done something, I always think “how could I have done it better?”  
Are you Reflective?Are you a Risk Taker?
Make Links – I try to use skills I have learned in other areas.
Reasoning – I can think, talk and write about things in a logical way and see other people’s points of view.
Thinking about Thinking – I am aware of what I am doing, thinking and saying.
Empathy and Compassion – I try to consider people’s feelings, even when I am cross or angry. I find ways to comfort people when they need it.  
Imaginative and Creative – I use my thoughts and feelings to make new and exciting things.
Problem Solver – I always try to solve problems in my work or with my friends.
Courageous – I am brave and always “have a go” at things.
Taking Risks – I have the confidence to try things even when I know I may fail.