Year 4 Anti-Bullying Poem!

We simply had to share this fantastic poem created by Class 4 during Anti-Bullying week –

Bullying is very bad,

It makes our friends sad.

It can make them really upset.

Respect everyone and don’t be mean,

Don’t make fun of differences.

Make some noise! Make it loud! You can be proud!

Take action if someone’s being rude.

Speak out and be a good person.

Would you just leave someone feeling sad?

Tell an adult or report the bullies,

If you’re lonely, talk to a friend that you trust.

Don’t be scared, talk to a teacher.

Always listen to others when they are upset,

Try and be an ally.

Share your feelings with your family.

Being nice is better than being mean.

Bullying is not an option, kindness is.

Treating people nicely is what’s right.