Coronavirus update for parents 19.03.2020

Coronavirus update for parents 19.03.2020

Dear All, 

Most of you will now know that yesterday, the government has ordered schools in the UK to close on Friday afternoon until further notice. 

I realise this is distressing news for the entire school community and will leave many anxious, but I want to reassure everyone that we have spent a great deal of time preparing for this announcement. I feel very confident we have everything in place to ensure that we continue to support you and your children in the coming weeks and months. 

This summer’s GCSE, A Level and other public exams will not go ahead. Our students have worked so hard preparing for their exams and the uncertainty about what arrangements the government will put in place will no doubt cause a great deal of anxiety. The government says it will work schools to ensure students get the qualifications that they need. As more details are released we will be doing everything we can to help students understand what it means for them.

Over today and tomorrow we will plan for how we can offer a service to look after the children of key workers and other children that the government wants us to keep in school. At this point we cannot give you any more details, but we will let you know what our plans are as soon as possible.

All staff have worked tirelessly this week to ensure we have ‘home learning’ arrangements in place.  See our enclosed letter for details of home learning packs / educational websites.  We will work hard to make sure this is a seamless transition for the children. We will be talking to the children about what will happen next to help them to make sense of it all, keep them calm and reassure them.

I am sure that you will join me in thanking all our fantastic staff for working so hard at this difficult time. Some cannot be in school at the moment but are working hard at home.

I want to thank you all for working with us and your continued support for the school at this time. Updates will be listed on the school website.