PGL Update!

Day 2

We had another amazing day at PGL- everyone had huge smiles on their faces all day long despite the wet weather! We took part in some great activities and some of the children were amazing and conquered their fears- completing challenges they didn’t think they would be able to.  All of the teachers also had a great day and joined. Mr Chown made it to the top of the trapeze pole and Miss Tavernier and Ms Holme were crack shots in the archery.

What has been amazing to see today is all of our children working together and supporting each other.  PGL staff members have also commented on how great our children and staff have been which makes us very proud of our school. 

Day 1

We arrived safely at Marchants Hill PGL at 12pm and were greeted by our PGL leaders. We had a picnic lunch and then put our bags away, no time to unpack yet! We then headed off for our first afternoon of activities.  By 5:00 we had already had so much fun: Giant swing, air rifle and aeroball.

We were soon heading back to our rooms to unpack, settle in and get ready for dinner and capture the flag. Everyone had a great first day. Photos from day one below: