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Class Teacher: Mr A Chown

Teaching Assistant: Mr Skirkowski  (Shared with Class 5)

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Microsoft Teams

As of 18th January Home Learning for Class 6 can now be found on Microsoft Teams – click the link below and then click “sign in”.


Week of 11th January Home Learning

Hi Class Six,​

This will be the last week work will be on the school website as you will each be getting a link to Microsoft Teams. This means you can communicate with me and upload some of the work you have been doing. I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe.

English – There is a spage focus this week with a task to do each day. try and have a go at all of it and check to see if there is an extension at the end. 

Maths – Do the starter activity each day and then go onto the main lesson. There is a link to a set of videos below. Watch the video before doing the work and answer the questions in the video by pausing it when needed. 


Maths Answers

In the afternoons, the work will be as follows:

Monday – RE

Tuesday – Science

Wednesday – Geography

Thursday – RE

Friday – Art

Follow the intructions on the sheets.

If you can’t print them off, have a go at doing them on paper. 

Mr C

Work for Week of 5th Jan

Hi class 6,

Here is the updated video for English. Please read the chapter to help you with lesson 1 as I couldn’t put the audio version in the video.


Hello class six, here we go again!

Please make sure you watch the videos, do the work and go back over old videos if you want some extra things to do. 


Watch the video on ratio and then have a go at the work for each day. If you get confused, go back to the video and see if it helps. All maths questions have answers either at the end of the sheet or on a seperate sheet. 

On friday, have a go at the Ruins of ratio and Proportion and other areas on the Guardians or Mathematica game:



Watch the video and listen to the full chapter of Harry Potter to help you complete the tasks. 



Have a go at one paper per day. These should last you 2 weeks.


Read through the changing states PDF and complete the activities on changing states of matter.  Stay safe and stay home.

Hi kids,

The link below is for the last bit of writing for this week. It’s an obituary for Macbeth at the end of the play. Don’t worry, it’s all explained in the video.


Have a look at this video and learn about the Peppered Moth:

Then look here and write a fact file about the evolution of the peppered moth.


See you all really soon,

Mr Chown

Work for Week of 23.11.20

Hello Class Six,

I hope you are all okay and doing lots of learning.

Please continue with the daily reading and SPaG sheets and make sure you’re checking the answers. There are some extra reading activities if you want to push yourself.

Maths: Have a go at B or C this week. If you struggle with the concepts, there is help on my YouTube channel for the division and multiplication.

English: I have created a video for your writing. I would like you to turn your version of Macbeth into a play script. You can use modern language but try to avoid too much slang.

Here is the link:

In the afternoons, I have made a video about designing your own castle (fitting in nicely with our Kings and Queens work we have done in class). The video includes creating a leaflet, designing a flag and lots of other fun stuff too. Here is the link:

Please check back later in the week for more learning resources.

Work for 19th November 2020

Hello Class Six, I hope you are all well.

I’ve put together a teaching video here for English based on Macbeth. Please watch the full video and then have a go at the writing.

The help sheets from the video are here.

Stay safe and see you soon.

Mr Chown

Home Learning for week of 16th November

Hello Class Six, 

I hope you all had a good weekend and are ready to learn from home. 

You will see lots of work attached here and I would like you to do maths, English, SPaG and reading each day. 


Read the instructions and then do day 1.

The answers are at the end of the PDF and remember to do A, B or C depending on how confident you are. 


There are 10 days of work there.

Make sure you do one task a day.


Again. there are 10 days of work.

Do one piece of reading comprehension each day and then make sure you read for a minimum of 30 minutes. 


There is a PowerPoint with all of the instructions on and then a writing frame to help you write a letter.

Think about what Lady Macbeth would write to Macbeth if she had responded to his letter at the start of the story. 

If you want to do a bit more, please look at my YouTube channel fort some maths, writing and fun topic ideas like this one:

I will add some bits throughout the week and will put up some learning videos too as soon as I can.

I will be checking if you have done the work when we get back and would like to see some evidence from you on our return. 

Stay safe, stay home and try not to drive your parents mad!

​​Mr Chown