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Class Teacher: Mrs C Squire

Teaching Assistant: Miss Appassamy

13th July

6th July


A trip to the vet!

  • Look at the picture and write a fun and exciting story about all the different animals visiting the vets.
  • Why are they there?
  • Do they know each other?
  • Remember to use conjunctions like so, and, because.
  • Make sure you use fun adjectives to describe the animals.
  • I cannot wait to read your stories!
  • English


  • This week I want you to practice your timetables.
  • Your 2, 5 and 10’s. if you want a challenge complete the challenge sheet.
  • Maths


With a grown-up look at the picture and think about these questions:

  • What are the children thinking about?
  • Who is thinking about a happy time and who is thinking of a wrong choice?
  • Who should the children say sorry to? (Look at the picture for clues.)
  • Why is bedtime a good time to think about what has happened during the day?
  • What do you think we should say to God about the happy times we have had?
  • What should we say about the unhappy times?
  • Church’s Story 2 – Pg 46-47
  • Church’s Story 2 – Pg 46-47


  • I want you to draw in the boxes the different body parts you use for your five different senses.
  • When you have done that walk around your house and use your senses, write down all the different things you can smell, see etc.
  • My five senses

22nd June


  • English
  • Read what the children are saying very carefully and then answer the questions.
  • Once you have answered all the questions as carefully as you can go on to the guess what game.


  • The first worksheet is your starter try and complete this sheet as quickly as possible.
  • Maybe put 3 minutes on a stopwatch and see if you can beat the time.
  • maths


  • With a grownup read the powerpoint about Zacchaeus and Jesus and discuss the questions with your grown up on the last slide.
  • RE

Science/ History:

  • Look at the Powerpoint about toys, what does it teach you about old and new toys – Old and new toy powerpoint
  • Have you got any old or new toys in your house?
  • How do you know?​
  • Group the pictures into the right category (old and new toys) – history toys

15th June


I want you to find your favourite Toy and write all about it.

  • In the box I would like you to draw a picture of your toy in as much detail as possible and then write about why it is your favourite toy.
  • My Favourite Toy.docx English


We will be looking at materials in Science.


  • Have a look at the PowerPoint RE postcard
  • RE powerpoint
  • I want you to imagine you are Levi and use the postcard frame to write a letter to Jesus for helping him change his ways.


  • Your starter is finding one less than numbers.
  • See how quick you can complete the worksheet – maths
  • The next task is halving, use your halving circles to help you if you need too.​

8th June


I would like you to read the Three little bear story and think of a different ending.


We will carry on from last week looking at money and making different amounts.


  • I would like you to draw or paint the solar system.
  • Label the different planets and be sure to upload a picture of your fantastic solar system.


This week we will be looking at making the right choices.

  • Look at the interactive power point and decide which picture the person has made the right choice.
  • Look at the picture of the children playing and with a grown up I want you to discuss the questions.
  • Discussion RE


1st June

  • We will be looking at Money this week and lots of different ways we can make 20p.
  • Money Worksheet
  • This week I want you to create a character and create an amazing comic for your character.
  • Remember to be creative.
  • English Worksheet

25th May


This week we are going to be halving.


  • I want you to write a letter to yourself so you can have a look back at it next year.
  • It is a super crazy different time at the moment so write down all your thoughts and then pop it in an envelope and do not open it again till next year.
  • Letter to Myself Template


This week for science you will be looking at body parts.

ICT Safety Work

Simple 15 minute activities to do with your child

Click on the links below for each activity pack. Every link contains two 15-minute activities to do with a child:

18th May 2020

Please see below the work for this week. Mrs Squire is missing you all and sends her love!

This week, we will be designing!

I want you to have a go at designing anything you want using any junk modelling materials in your house.


We will be writing numbers in words!


11th May 2020

5th May 2020

ICT Safety Homework Pack

Reward Chart

Home activity pack 1

Home activity pack 2

Home activity pack 3

Home activity pack 4

Work for Week 4th May


Correct Mrs Squire’s story and make it even better.

Don’t forget your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Remember to make your stories exciting and fun!


Use the column addition method to add these numbers together.


  • Why are holidays different from ordinary days?
  • Can you look at a calender and see what the next holiday is?
  • Ask a grown up to help you research when is the next holy day?
  • What are your favourite activities to do during holiday?
  • What makes it a happy time?


This week we will be looking at seasons, do you know what season we are in now?

  • Decorate the different trees for each season – science worksheet

Have a look at the season song if you need some help

Work for Week 20th April


  • This week we will be looking at different shapes. Think about all the shapes that you know and look around your home to see what shapes you can find.


  • We will be using adjectives to write your own story!

I want them to be as creative as possible- I can’t wait to read them.


Read the passage from the bible and have a think about these questions.

You can write down the answers or talk to a grown up.

  • Why were Jesus’ friends sad again?
  • What was the promise Jesus gave to his friends?
  • Who was the helper and guide?
  • Who would send the Holy Spirit?​


ICT Safety Work

Work for Week 13th April


Before you begin give yourself a challenge and count out loud to a grown up as many numbers as you can.  You can use a 100 square to help you. After you have done that, I want to you write the number one less and one more. Start with the green sheet and work your way up to red!


Write a story about The Rainbow Fish, you can either write a retell of the real story or you can make your own up it is completely up to you!


It was Easter Sunday on the 12th of April.

John 3:16 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Write a short summary of what significant event happened on Easter Sunday?


6th April 2020

Work out the number sentences using the number line. Remember to look carefully at the signs, is it an addition sign (+) or a subtraction sign (-)
Challenge yourself by doing all three colours!
I would love to know all about what you have been doing so I have made a diary for you.
In the box draw a picture of the favourite activity and then write all about it.
Word of God
“For I was hungry, and you gave me food, I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me. I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick, and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me. Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when was it that we saw you hungry and gave you food, or thirsty and gave you something to drink?  And when was it that we saw you a stranger and welcomed you, or naked and gave you clothing?  And when was it that we saw you sick or in prison and visited you?’  And the king will answer them, ‘Truly, I tell you, as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.’”
Matthew 25:35-40
What does this scripture passage say to you?
What are you grateful for?
Write a prayer in the thanking God for all the things you are grateful for.
Science/ DT:
Your science experiment will be to make a boat using everyday material, will your boat sink or float?
Design your boat and write about the different materials that you used.
 Will you use a plastic bottle or a paper plate? Maybe a metal spoon?
Think about why you chose the materials you chose.
Match the materials to the adjective/describing word that matches it best.

Hope you are all reading daily, here are some websites you can visit to practice your reading  https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/index.htm we play the pirates game in class to help us with our phonics.


Here are a few valuable website that have free resources and games that can help with your child’s learning:

Resources for Week of 6th April

2nd April 2020

Mr Chown’s KS1 Lessons

ICT Work