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Yearly Plan 2016-17

YN yearly plan 1 2016-17  please click to download


Autumn Term Art Show 2016

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Autumn Term Parent Planner

Nursery Autumn Term Parent Planner 2016 please click to download


Spring Term Art Show 2017


Spring Term Parent Planner

Nursery Parent Planner Spring Term 17 please click to download


Welcome to St Saviour’s Nursery!

For autumn 1 2016 the children have been thinking about the question ‘How are things changing for me?’ coming back into nursery, staying all day, having lunch at school, welcoming new children, making new friends and all settling into their new class family.

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For the week beginning 17th October 2016 we celebrated Diwali!

We learned that Diwali is a special time of year for people who are Hindus and Sikhs. For this celebration the children learnt a song ‘It’s Diwali festival of light’; made Mendhi cards; made clay thumb pots Diva candle holders; made Diwali sweets; wrote about their favourite character from the story of Rama and Sita; made Rangoli patterns to welcome and dressed up!

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For autumn 2, 2016 the children investigated the question ‘How do we celebrate special times?’

The nursery children celebrated Advent by learning the story of the Nativity, making cards, calendars, decorations, Christmas cakes, colourings, drawings and writing to Father Christmas! They looked forward to Jesus’ Birthday by taking part in the KS1/ EYFS production of ‘A Miracle in Town’, opening an Advent calendar, saying special prayers and visiting the Crib in St Saviour’s church.

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For spring 1, 2017 we welcomed new children to our classes and investigated the question ‘Whose home is this?’ learning about some Traditional stories, sometimes called Fairy stories, though they don’t all have a fairy in them!

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 The nursery children celebrated Chinese New Year by listening to the story of the 12 Animals, folding paper to make fans, lanterns and dragons, painting Chinese writing and making masks of the 12 animals.

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We celebrated Candlemas on 2nd February by listening to the Bible story of The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple and by thinking about what we would say to the baby Jesus.

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For spring 2, 2017 we investigated the question ‘Are all living things creatures?’ learning about living things called Plants. The children have listened to stories, looked at information books, learnt about the needs of seeds to be able to grow and change by planting cress, sunflower and bean seeds, playing in the Garden Centre role-play area, drawing and writing about seeds and plants.

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For Lent the nursery children all made their Lenten Promise and Father Tom came to visit us on Ash Wednesday.

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For St David’s Day the children all drew their own daffodil picture.


On March 29th 2017 the Nursery children, staff and some parents visited the Wide Horizons, Eltham Environmental Centre.


For summer 1, 2017 our overall question is ‘Do all birds fly?’ investigating growth and change in people and creatures. We have been learning about keeping healthy, naming and grouping some creatures, finding out about their habitats and simple lifecycles. We have listened to stories such as ‘Once there were Giants’, ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ and information books for example mini-beasts.

On Wednesday 3rd May we visited the Church and met Father Tom to look at the Easter Garden in the Church.