Competition Winners

Cyber Bullying Poster Competition 2014/15

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Muffin Break Colouring Competition Winners

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International Week Costume Winners

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Hall Display

Hall Display - 2014

SumDog Online Maths Competition

Many thanks to all children who took part in the online based software competition during the school holidays. The top ten scores for St. Saviour’s are shown below.

Many thanks to Mr. Hopper for entering our school!  SumDog winners

1 Shawana 18517
2 Chidi 17321
3 Angello 6645
4 Ernestina 6199
5 Janek 6022
6 Chiemeziem 3998
7 Prince 1580
8 Rachel 1507
9 Michelle 1447
10 Dilshika 1349

Anti-Bullying Week 2013

At St. Saviour’s we take bullying of any form very seriously. During November we held our Anti-Bullying Month and the children we invited to design posters to be displayed around the school. Below is a selection of our winning designs!

Naming of our Pupil of the Week certificate

Each week all the class teachers nominate a maths award, a literacy award, and a child of the week.  The awards are given out by the Headteacher in our Friday afternoon assemblies.

Taydia from Class 4 won the Pupil of the Week design certificate, closely followed by Lydia from Class 6 in second place and Jamil from Class 4 in third place.

Naming of our top Behaviour Award

Elliott from Class 2 won the Good to be Green competition, naming the 180 point certificate “Emerald” after the schools colour.