St. Saviour’s RC Primary School 2016/17 Art Share

Below is a small selection of the superb Artwork that has been created during the 2016/17 academic year.

Click on an image to enlarge or click on the class name to see more images on each class page!

IMG_6461 IMG_6460 IMG_6459 IMG_6458 IMG_6479 IMG_6478 IMG_6477 IMG_6470 IMG_6471 IMG_6472 IMG_6473 IMG_6474 IMG_6475 IMG_6476 IMG_6469 IMG_6468 IMG_6467 IMG_6466 IMG_6465 IMG_6464 IMG_6463 IMG_6456 IMG_6457 IMG_6450 IMG_6451 IMG_6452 IMG_6453 IMG_6462 IMG_6455 IMG_6454 IMG_6449 IMG_6448 IMG_6447 IMG_6446 IMG_6445 IMG_6438 IMG_6439 IMG_6440 IMG_6441 IMG_6442 IMG_6443 IMG_6444 IMG_6437 IMG_6436 IMG_6435 IMG_6434 IMG_6433